Essays on Early Christianity

Introduction: What They Didn't Teach You In Sunday School

The version of early Christian history that pastors learn in seminary is vastly different than the traditional history that is usually taught in Sunday school. What is the real story, and why don't most people know it? Read this first!

Questioning the Canon

How did we end up with the 27 books that are in the New Testament? Are they the same books early Christians read and esteemed? Are they authentic, or are some of them forgeries?

Gospel Truth

Why do modern scholars reject the inerrancy of the Bible? Why do they think Matthew and Luke copied parts of Mark? What is the mysterious Q document, and what evidence is there of its existence?

Jesus: Man or Myth?

Was the Jesus story invented out of whole cloth? What evidence is there of a historical Jesus?

The Curious Career of Satan

Why are Christian ideas of heaven and hell so different from what is in the Old Testament? Have pagan religious views influenced Christian doctrine?

Promoted to God

How could a group of monotheistic Jews come to believe that Jesus was God? Did they, in fact? How is Jesus viewed in the earliest Christian writings? Can we follow the evolution of Christian ideas about Jesus as they developed into Trinitarian orthodoxy?