Sunday, April 5, 2015

A New Proof

I have just discovered a new proof of the existence of God.

Consider the following sentence:

(S) If this sentence is true, then God exists.

Suppose sentence S is true. Then the first clause is satisfied, so the second clause is true. Thus, God exists.

What the preceding paragraph proves is that if sentence S is true, then God exists. But that is exactly what sentence S asserts. So that means we have proved that sentence S is true! And therefore God really does exist.

As a result of this proof I am longer an atheist. Sorry to disappoint everyone.*

* Note this proof also works for unicorns. Yay, unicorns exist!

1 comment:

  1. I am reminded of Kirk Camron going on TV with a plastic bird whose head was removed and replaced with a plastic crocodile (which he obviously glued on there). He remarked with a sarcastic smile "See I found the missing link so now I believe in Evolution!".

    This "proof" reminded me of that "proof" except this is about twice as stupid as that and that was pretty stupid.

    Geez Professor how the mighty have fallen....

    -Ben Yachov