Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Free Will Index

An index to my series on free will:
  1. Free will and quantum mechanics
  2. The Consequence Argument
  3. Some Uninteresting Questions
  4. Sphexishness and Other Concerns About Predictability
  5. Electrons R Us!
  6. Quantum Mechanics Revisited
  7. The Problem of Free Will - Solved!
  8. A Libertarian's View  
  9. Varieties of Libertarianism
  10. Caused But Not Determined
  11.  Ekstrom's Solution
  12. My Gut Says, "Meh..." 
  13. Indeterminism Where?
  14. Not All Things Considered 
  15. Command or Description?  
  16. Level With Me
  17. Level With Me Again
I make no claim to originality in any of this. My views have been largely shaped by Daniel Dennett's books, but my take on the importance of quantum mechanics for free will is somewhat different from his. A nice collection of articles about free will is linked at this FRDB thread. See especially the articles there from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and this set of articles from the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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